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After you have found the right setting to hold your upcoming major event, one of your next necessary tasks will be to think about which seating design will work best with your guests and enhance their experience. There are various reasons why tiered seating is very popular at events for prospects of 100 or 100,000 or even more:

Tiered seating is really flexible

Provided that tiered temporary seating is facing the correct way, it is compatible to almost any event. In a conference or product release, preferably, seats are forward pointing, toward the front of the area. Having said that, tiered seating is additionally frequently arranged in a ´┐ŻU' or horseshoe shape in a larger event space, enabling as many audience members as possible to gain from a decent view of a stage.

Optimal seating capacity can be attained

A huge plus side to choosing tiered seating for your event is that reduced floor space is used. Because each row of seats is higher than the row of seats straight in front, less leg room is needed. The effect of this is that even though event seating uses up a good deal of room when it comes to height, the actual floor space is far less than if the equivalent amount of seats had been installed on the floor. Often, both tiered seats and rows of floor level seats might also be set up to deliver the maximum capacity.

Tiered seating is the perfect solution for events that are best seen from above

Many events are more suitable seen from above, e.g., sports matches or central performance stages. In these occasions, when the audience is big, temporary seating can be constructed all around a stage or a pitch, allowing a quality glimpse from all angles. It's essential to have the height of each tier exact to make sure that no view is blocked by the row of seats immediately in front.

Temporary seating structures may be efficiently erected and dismantled

Temporary seating structures are normally made with frameworks of light though durable, corrosion free aluminium. Parts can be moved conveniently and then slotted together; once the event has ended, seating units are then able to be disassembled and packed away for transportation. Seats are commonly composed of comfortable yet robust materials like polypropylene, hence they can be utilised repeatedly without becoming damaged.

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You can find out more here about the advantages of tiered seating for your events.

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